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Xcode 7 Training:

A Unique Web Development Tool
Xcode 7 for iOS is a special web development tool which can be used for creating customized products tailor made for devices on the Apple platform. Xcode 7 offers all the technology one needs to come up with top iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacOS and Apple Watch applications.
Swift programming is updated and has become more rapid in operation now with easy to read and write codes. With Xcode 7, new APIs or author interactive documentation through embedded resources, interactive source code and intricate text comment can be tried out.
Xcode has a user interface testing feature which can record the application in action and engage in test generation. Xcode 7 and Swift facilitate app building and running on Apple devices.
You need to sign in with the Apple ID and come up with apps using this wonderful web development tool. It is an open secret that Xcode 7 has made it easier and safer to use iOS.
Swift is also continuing to evolve at a rapid rate and ensures there is application of advanced error handling model and checking availability as well as conditions for operating system versions.
Markdown comments such as intricate and rich texts help in image and link embedding. There has been updating of playgrounds so that excellent documentation can be authored and experiments which are simple to follow along with educational content that is interactive can be used.
Playgrounds can be included in the project for showing usage of APIs, demonstration of how to solve problems and demonstrating the code features.
Code comments offer static comparisons and additional playground features include in line results shown next to generating code, markup inside comment translating into text with links and images.
Another key feature is that code and comments can be used to access embedded resources and images while swift files provide support for unlimited new functionality operating at top speed.
Another unique advantage of Xcode 7 is the Interface Builder which provides amazing control over iOS, OS X as well as Watch OS. Stack views ensure that layout views can be easily accomplished through the addition of vital constraints on an automatic basis.
Collections can be naturally grouped through stack views so that there is consistent behavior. They then interact with the group as a surrounding user interface. While uniting with size classes, a single as well as flexible interface which can be adapted across multitasking layouts through interface builder.
Support is also given for references and ensuring further grouping of UI into single files as complex interface are created.
Xcode 7 is an awesome environment for test driving development. Xcode 7 makes it far simpler and easier with UI testing s well as coverage of code. Test Navigator of Xcode makes it simple to run, edit as well as navigate tests.
Keeping the tests and app code aligned within the pairing of the editors ensures they can be worked together. The bots within the Xcode server run and report on the UI test, unit, performance across multiple devices. Xcode 7 is vital for user interface testing. Xcode is an amazing solution for driving test development.
It introduces user interface testing ensuring changes made in code don’t come up as unwanted changes for users. Xcode can generate coding for tests through observation of app used and trying out swift or objective C code to influence the results. Tests can be run over the Xcode server leading to identification of regression much before the problem is even identified by users.
Another great aspect of Xcode is that code coverage is placed right within it, leading to display of icons besides the code to indicate whether it is being tested or not. Observing the missing coverage symbol within blocks of code can server as a powerful motivator for writing tests.
Xcode 7 has impactful design tools for iOS creators as well as those interested in Mac related games. Built in SpriteKit editors let animations be defined with timelines and editing from within Xcode 7 can then take place. Rich scene editing are also possible with massive control over the 3 dimensional world.
Apps can be built with memory instrumentation to locate numerous issues and the root of the problem. Debugger ensures that exact line of the error filled code is identified. Address sanitizer within facilitates matters further.
Within Xcode 7, Xcode development tools have grown for supporting the watch OS 2 platform, iOS 9 and El Capitan with a slew of more features for supporting development, deploying, testing and debugging.
Xcode 7 makes the impossible possible and enables detection of memory corruption prior to testing of the application user interface, report on testing coverage or ensuring apps and products downloading to users’ devices lack a tangible footprint and do not employ too many key resources.
Xcode 7 also permits the creation of products to be used across special Apple platforms. Ideas can be translated into reality in a way to match targets perfectly.
Xcode 7 Training: Decoding Features:
Free Development of the On-Device: All can run and test their own app within a device without any charge. Own creations can be run and debugged on Mac OS, iPhone, iPod, iPAD or Apple Watch. No fees are charged and the free Apple ID is entered into Xcode 7. The same Apple ID which is used in App Store or iTunes can be applied here too.
• Swift 2.0: Moving Rapidly to the Next Level
Swift 2.0 carried advanced object oriented programming in Swift to another level. It is a powerful, simple to use, modern and expressive programming language with error handling, availability, testability and protocol extensions. Swift migrator functions equally well with projects and playgrounds both.
• Objective C Language: See More Updated Features
Objective-C has undergone updating to work with more ease and efficiency and function well with Swift. Objective C language features include nullability annotation, generics, and much more.
• Playgrounds: Game for a Coding Challenge?
Since their introduction in Xcode 6, playgrounds have provided a wonderful way to study and prototype the Swift code. Playgrounds can be used to explain the way in which API has to be used or a concept has to be demonstrated.
Through playground authoring, comments clarify what is occurring within the Swift code. Simple markdown type syntax is provided for controlling appearance and ensuring visual differentiation from the code, ensuring that the playground appears in more easy to see parts.
Inline results are another cool feature of playgrounds. One can move the display of the coding results from timeline section to code below for production and generation.
This clarifies the line of code to users/target audience. Within a resource bundle, images, sounds plus other data can be added to the playground through the project navigator. Auxiliary sources permit creation of supporting code from within the playground.
Playground pages provide bundle related concepts in a single group. Multiple pages which are targeted and enable you to piece the narration together are contained within a single playground.
• Thinning Apps: Slicing through to Diversity
Xcode 7 involves development of apps for diverse platforms running on numerous devices and configurations. Devices vary in terms of storage and display capacity and deliver optimal applications for every platform device, indicating the support for functionality intended without the use of non-required resources ensures fresh features are supported within Xcode 7 and tried out by the App store.
While archiving for submission, Xcode compiles the app to result in representation which is midway. The bitcode is then compiled into executables which are sixty four or thirty two bit. Artwork includes the asset catalogue which can be tagged for suiting the device targeted for installation while a user buys and downloads the app onto their device.
Artwork included in the asset catalog can be tagged for indicating the need for a device which can be installed when the app is purchased and downloaded into the device. Xcode also provides support for tagging and organizing the asset catalog so slicing operations become automated. Resources required for their device are gotten by end users.
Another advantage of application thinning is the generation of resources in need. Certain apps need content only after they have been downloaded and installed. Additional content for the app can also be hosted on the app store. These resources can be tagged for suitable categories and controls following the downloading of assets.
Xcode 7 works within the application to ensure it can give the information which is needed and permit asynchronous downloading and installation. Xcode 7 also has new profiling as well as debugger features that ensure applications are perfect for customers.
Xcode 7 gives information on usage of the iOS app with what is known as the energy gauge. iOS 9 has now acquired the ability to track energy on per process basis surfacing in the energy report.
This yields inputs on how battery life is affected by the app and unexpected behavior such as energy usage can be tapped. Debug gauges plus their reports provide detailed inputs regarding applications which are running.
Navigation through the data is seamless and yields insights. Xcode 7 also builds the application with instrumentation aimed to catch as well as debug memory corruption through the address sanitizer.
When memory violation takes place, app crashes can take place. Memory corruption is simpler and easier to track with Xcode 7. Address sanitizer can be enabled within the build scheme and additional instrumentation is written into the application to find out memory violations at once.
The problem can be solved at the exact point it is formed. The problem can also be identified and fixed quite easily using the relationship between valid object and faulty address as well as other such diagnostic data.
Address sanitizer is a clean sweep- it runs well with interactive applications, and gives support for OS X in the simulator and within iOS devices.
• Testing- Examining the Intricacies of Web Development
Xcode 7 includes UI testing as a new and fresh feature of the current framework. This testing is implemented through an extension to the current APIs and concepts, making web development an easy job.
The first UI test method can be created through the record of interactions with the app. Once there is interaction with the app, the source code is emitted onto the test method for locating elements within the app UI for accessing properties and sending them events.
A rich set of features are also needed for location of elements within the UI of the app for access of element properties and event synthesis. UI testing combines with prevailing features for specifying conditions used for performance monitoring of the app ever time.
The completeness of the test suite can be visualized through code coverage being enabled for the scheme. Within the test report, the code coverage pane exhibits which lines of code as well as files and functions which were implemented and those which were not.
Source code editor can also show code coverage data within the inline, permitting the checking in seconds where lines and parts of it are implemented when tests are exercised.
Xcode server permits the running of tests on numerous devices and an easy environment where there is persistent and precise evaluation of the way the Xcode server performs and functions.
Xcode provides the means for analyzing and using crash data permitted by users with the amenities of debuggers and source codes within reach. Within Xcode 7, the feature is widened to also include crash data from within OS X applications in addition to iOS and watchOS.
The app can also be distributed for beta testing to chosen testers before it is sent to users, to provide detailed feedback and KOR. Users can also share report on the crashes within the Application Store where their collection and symbolization occurs.
The Xcode 7 organizer window also displays crash logs prepared by apps which have been submitted. Every entry in the crash report informs regarding the manner in which the crash was revealed and the code within which it took place.
Crash report items can be clicked to ascertain this and find a historical link within the crashed app where the problem can be inspected and resolved.
Xcode 7- Exciting New Features
Xcode 7, an IDE has many innovative features such as Swift 2, Metal for the operating system and app deployment assistance for iOS devices. Xcode 7 is complete with a Swift 2 support that provides many advantages.
• Storyboards- A Tale with Many Benefits
Storyboards may have flaws, but it is no tall tale that they are highly advantageous in many ways as well. It is the perfect ending for skilled iOS programming.
Storyboard offers the perfect launchpad for developers allowing them to control the flow of the project and manage the interaction effect of varying controllers.
This offers cleaner workspace benefit as multiple controllers within the nib file can be tried out for every controller, through the availability of segues that improve flows across scenes on the board.
• Storyboards- A Tale of 2 Apple Devices
In case the developer is coming up with a universal application, two storyboards can be used one for the iPhone and the other for the iPad.
This will lead to code reduction. A major deterrent for the use of storyboards is the complexity of the application resulting in many scenes.
This makes loading and understanding the storyboard tough work. Fact is, you can divide the storyboard into smaller pieces, so that efficiency and practicality translate from fiction to reality.
• Sideloading- Nothing Official About It!
Side loading is used in the context of applications which may be installed using no official license. This is simple in Android devices.
Apple is known for top quality standards but it has to work harder if it wants to outpace Google. Side loading permits coding of applications, their testing on phones and beta testing as well.
Who Should Learn Xcode 7 Training?
Xcode7 is an IDE with a difference. It is perfect for those developers who want to attain its many advantages. Updated playgrounds is one of the first benefits whereby swift files can be optimized for higher speed and better functionality.
The IB or Interface Builder is equipped with the most recent iOS features making it easier to control the layout of the views. UI testing ensures that changed made in the developer’s code are not discarded for the user.
Code coverage feature also showcases icons to display the codes which are being tested and which are not. Game developers would really benefit from Xcode 7 because it provides support for Metal in OS X. iOS as well as Mac developers would reap rich dividends by capitalizing on Xcode 7.
Xcode 7 also has a host of other features such as Address Sanitizer, Energy Gauge and Test Flight Features to detect and solve crashes even during the phase of beta testing.

Prerequisites for Learning Xcode 7 Training:

Screen size and memory are the critical factors to consider while working with Xcode 7. Being conversant with computers and Mac as well as iOS related terminologies is a must. MacBook Airs have just the right processors and graphic chips apart from memory which is just right for Xcode 7.
Disk size is equally important and the latest version of Xcode is preferable to prevent problems with App store uploads and code signing. Apart from critical hardware requirements, developers also need to be updated about the latest versions of Xcode and its features.

Xcode 7 Training Conclusion:

Xcode 7 is the leading choice among web and game developers. On account of features such as Metal for OS X, it is perfect for gamers and animation experts.
For developers, Xcode 7 scores because it has efficiency and practicality not to mention a host of attractive features such as Energy Gauge and Address Sanitizer, so much so that it is the top choice for iOS developers.
Mac and iOS users would really benefit from Xcode 7- its varied benefits are no secret to experienced and seasoned web developers, after all.


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Section 3: New features in Xcode 7
Section 4: Working with Xcode7

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