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About the Android Training Course Bundle:
In this Android Training Course Bundle, you will learn all the nuts & bolts of Android Courses. All the courses in this Bundle starts from scratch and hence a beginner can also take and enjoy this Bundle. This course is designed in such a way that a novice person can easily learn about Android along with its basics and applications.

In this Training Bundle you will learn about Major Concepts:

• ANDROID – Complete Practical Training on Android
• Android App Development Training
Learning Objectives of Android Training:
• In-depth knowledge and practical training on various areas of Android.
• Derive an insight into the field of Android.
• Learn many concepts such as Android Developer tools , View, View Groups & Notifications , Building Your First Android Application with a practical experience.
• Enables IT Professionals with a means to distinguish themselves and demonstrate to employers, colleagues and the public that they have the knowledge to be competent analytics professionals.
• Improve your software knowledge and associated tools in order to effectively integrate the graphics
• To enhance your knowledge in Android by learning many core concepts of this domain.
• Course will increase technical trainee’s skills and course agenda describes a well-paced plan to teach the technical skills as the trainers has a proven best record of providing excellence in learning experiences.

Why to go for Android Training?

• Information Technology is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. Information Technology is a commonly used synonym for computers and computer networks.
• If you are looking for a job in an IT sector, then this Android training will help you to learn the specialized IT skills which will be required in order to excel in a IT firm.
• This Android course class will help those who want to learn and excel in the field of information technology and also it will help you to improve your overall job performance by stressing continuing professional development.
• This Android course tutorial will help you to advance your career potential by setting you apart from the competition and will also show you competency in IT field.
• These days’ information technology has gained lot importance as mostly things are based on technology so there is a great demand for this domain and one can easily learn the theoretical as well as practical knowledge through this IT Bundle.
• Learn to build mobile apps through android – how to build professional application for mobile phones you will be learning through this training tutorials.

Pre-Requisites for Android Training:

• Basic Computer Knowledge
• Passion to Learn
• Basic knowledge about Software’s
• Interest in the area of information technology
• To enhance your knowledge in the area of IT.

Target Audience for Android Training:

To stay ahead in this competitive world, having practical knowledge in Android has become a must-know. Although anybody can take up this Android Training the following would be the appropriate audience to undertake it;
• Candidates pursuing their graduation in the field of IT, BSC-IT,
• Candidates pursuing their post-graduation in the field of IT
• Any working professionals who wants to enhance your knowledge in the area of IT
• Anyone interested in learning about Programming Languages
• Anyone interested in learning IT courses

Course Curriculum

Section 1: ANDROID - Complete Practical Training on Android

1 Introduction
2 Versions – 1.0 & 1.1, Cupcake, Donut & Éclair
3 Versions – Froyo, GingerBRead, HoneyComb, Ice cream sandwich & Jelly B
4 :Version Kit-Kat
5 Android Application Architecture
6 Android Developer tools
7 Introduction to Android Fundamentals, Activity & Activity Lifecycle
8 Services & Service Lifecycle
9 Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers
10 Android Intents & Intent Filters
11 View, View Groups & Notifications
12 Android Setup & Installation
13 Building Your First Android Application
14 Inside the Manifest File
15 Manifest,Activity & Application Tag
16 Service Tag
17 Provider Tag
18 Receiver Tag
19 Intent – Filter Tag
20 uses-sdk Tag
21 uses-feature,uses-library,uses-permission, permission & support-screens Tag
22 Permission & support-screens Tag Continue
23 Layout of Android
24 Linear Layout
25 Relative Layout
26 Grid View, TableLayout & ScrollView
27 Input control Button Part 1
28 Input control Button Part 2
29 Input control Button Part 3
30 Input control Edit Text Part 1
31 Input control Edit Text Part 2
32 Input control_Check Box Radio Button – part 1
33 Input control_Check Box Radio Button – part 2
34 Input control Toggle Button
35 Input control Spinners
36 Android Activity Life cycle Example Part 1
37 Android Activity Life cycle Example Part 2
38 Android Activity Life cycle Example Part 3
39 Android Start New Activity Part 1
40 Android Start New Activity Part 2
41 Android Start New Activity Part 3
42 Android Start Activity for Result Part 1
43 Android Start Activity for Result Part 2
44 Lecture44:Interacting with other apps Part 1
45 Interacting with other apps Part 2
46 Interacting with other apps Part 3
47 Interacting with other apps Part 4
48 Interacting with other apps Part 5
49 Interacting with other apps Part 6
50 Interacting with other apps Part 7
51 Implementation of Broadcast Receivers Part 1
52 Implementation of Broadcast Receivers Part 2
53 Android SDK tools Part 1
54 Android SDK tools Part 2
55 Vibrate Example
56 CallLog-Part 1
57 CallLog-Part 2
58 CallLog-Part 3
59 SMS Example-Part 1
60 SMS Example-Part 2
61 SMS Example-Part 3
62 SMS Example-Part 4
63 Screen Orientation Example Part 1
64 Screen Orientation Example Part 2
65 Shared Pref Example Part 1
66 Shared Pref Example Part 2
67 Installed App List
68 Alarm Manager Part 1
69 Alarm Manager Part 2
70 Clock Example
71 Handling Multiple Screens Part 1
72 Handling Multiple Screens Part 2
73 Distribute and Monetize Part 1
74 Distribute and Monetize Part 2
75 Understanding Media Playback in Android
76 How to play Video in Android
77 Features of Camera in Android Devices
78 Setting up On-Activity Result Method
79 Building a Camera App
80 Building a Camera App Continues
81 Placing Preview in your Layout
82 Capturing Images with Android Applications
83 Getting External File Directory
84 Placing and Managing the Files
85 Creating an Android Project and adding necessary elements
86 Adding Table Layout, Height, width etc
87 Adding View Elements Dynamically
88 Understanding Swipe Views
89 Creating a Swipe View with Tab Layout
90 Creating the Tab Lay out
91 Modifying Files
92 Changing Tabs with Swipe Views
93 Coding an Android Widget
94 Creating and Managing Files
95 Understanding Application Widgets
96 App Widget Configuration Activity
97 Defining a Linear Layout
98 Getting Layout for App Widget
99 How to run jobs in Background
100 Loading data in the background
101 Managing Device Awake State
102 Best Practices App Performance Overview
103 App Managing Memory
104 Avoid Wasting Memory with bitmaps, Data Containers
105 External Libraries, Pro Guard, Zipalign, RAM Usage
106 Performance Tips
107 Improving Layout Performance
108 Re-using Layout with , Loading Views, ListView
109 Lecture109:Optimizing Battery Life with an Android App
110 Sending Operations to Multiple Threads
111 Keeping your App responsive
112 Understanding GCM Process
113 How to make use of GCM Android Application
114 Reacting to an Incoming Call in Android
115 Implementation in Android
116 Introduction to animation in Android
117 Zoom In
118 Creating an Animation for Moving effects
119 Replacing text View with an Image View
120 Running the Animation Apps
121 How to Include Google Map in Android App
122 Coding to Display Google Map on Android App
123 Zoom Control, Map View, Latitude, Longitude etc
124 Introduction to Location Services
125 Implementation of Location services
126 Android Location Service Example Continues
127 Running Location services, location updates & best known user’s location
128 Understanding Cloud and Connectivity
129 Understanding about Cloud & Connectivity for Building Android Applications
130 localization
131 Understanding ListView
132 LsitView with ArrayAdapter & SimpleCursorAdapter in Android application
133 Implementation of Menu Item within android application
134 Applying Menus in an Application
135 Menu Example Continues
136 Understanding AsyncTask in Android
137 Implementation of AsyncTask in Android application
138 Understanding Search Manager
139 Implementation of SearchManager within Android Application
140 Search Manager and Search View
141 Search Manager Example Continues
142 Dealing with Threads
143 Understanding thread, process, process lifecycle, Thread-safe methods & IPC
144 Understanding Notification Alert in Android
145 Implementation of Notification Alert in Android
146 Notification Example Continues
147 Bluetooth Basics
148 Understanding basics, classes, interface, bluetooth permissions & Setting Up Dev
149 Implementaion of Querying paired devices & Discovering devices
150 Paired Devices and Discovering Devices Continues
151 NDK
152 Understanding Support Library
153 Support Library Features & Support Library Setup
154 Google Play Distribution
155 Filters on Google Play
156 Google Play Developer API
157 Understanding Multiple APK Support within Google Play Distribution
158 Multiple APK Support Continues
159 Understanding APK Exapnsion Files
160 Application Licensing & Android Backup Sevice
161 Publishing Process, Google Play Policies, Core App, Content Rating
162 Prices, Localizations, Promotions
163 Beta Release, Store Listing, Badges and Links, Support
Section 2: Online Android App Development Training

Course Content : 201 Training Video's


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