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About Microsoft Excel 2016

Back in 1988, Bill Gates introduced Microsoft Office to the world at COMDEX in Las Vegas. That was the beginning of an epic journey of different applications, servers and services under the loyal name “Microsoft”. Since then Microsoft Excel and other applications have grown substantially and been taking a pivot role in our daily work life and professional growth. Even if you know that it is true, would you believe it without proof? No. Zilch! So, here’s the proof. On the 10th day of July in 2012, Softpedia gave the report that Microsoft Office has been using by a billion people worldwide.
But that was four years ago. You are reading this right now. It is 2016 and you want to know how any course would help you get ahead in using Microsoft Excel 2016 right now. Let’s talk about it.
Yes. It’s the age of analysis. And if Microsoft Excel doesn’t outperform everything else in analytics why should you use it?

Course Curriculum

Module 1 Useful Excel Functions
1 Paste Special
2 Logical functions – IF AND OR
3 Arithmetic functions MAX MIN ABS etc
5 Cell Information ISERROR ISBLANK etc

Module 2 Data Functions
6 CHOOSE Function
7 VLOOKUP Function
8 HLOOKUP Function
10 Database functions DSUM DAVERAGE DCOUNT
11 OFFSET- Example 1
12 OFFSET Function- Dynamic

Module 3 WhatIfAnalysis
13 One Dimensional Data Tables
14 Two dimensional Data Tables
15 Solver
16 Goal Seek

Module 4 Arrays
17 Array Function Example 1
18 Array Function Example 2
19 Array functions rows and columns
21 Frequency

Module 5 Functions for working with Text

Module 6 Pivot Tables
24 Pivot Table Slicer
25 Pivot Charts

Module 7 Names and Dynamic Range
26 Naming a Cell and a Range
27 Naming Dynamic Ranges

Module 8 Auditing and Trouble Shooting formulas
28 Naming a Cell and a Range
29 Naming Dynamic Ranges

Module 9 Form Controls
30 Group boxes and option buttons
31 Check boxes
32 List and combo boxes
33 Scroll chart

Module 10 Important Excel Tools
34 Text to Columns
35 Grouping Tabs
36 Subtotal Function
37 Hyperlinks
38 Data Validation
39 Random Numbers
40 Custom View
41 Protecting the worksheet
42 Protecting the workbook

Module 11 Advanced Charts
43 Excel Sparklines
44 Waterfall chart
45 Box and Whisker chart
46 Treemap chart

47 Sunburst chart.

Here’s why Microsoft Excel 2016 exceeds your expectation.
  • Most widely used data analysis tool: Microsoft Excel is the most sought after analytic tool of 2016. Why? Think about this! In 2012, over a billion of users were using Microsoft office. At that time the world population was 7.043 billion; that means over 1/7th of population used to take the advantage of Microsoft Office. This is 2016 and the population is now 7.4 billion. If for a second, we assume that the users of Microsoft Office only increased in proportion (which maybe a hilarious assumption!) that means more than 1.057 billion people use Microsoft Excel and Office. Do you think anything else can beat that?

  • Swifter ways to get data: You have a lot of business questions to answer and your boss will only believe you if you show him the evidence. With Microsoft Excel 2016 you can do it much faster that you expect. Microsoft Excel 2016 has a built-in functionality that enables you to get and transform your data which will help you bring in all the data in one place. Previously it was available only in the form of Power Query (an add-in) now is available within Microsoft Excel 2016. Go to the Data tab and you would be able to access it from “Get & Transform” section.
  • Streamlined data analysis: Why people use excel? Because it delivers time and time again the most powerful and flexible analysis experience. In 2010 and 2013 the experience was magnified by introducing Power Pivot and the Data Model instead of most familiar PivotTable. In 2016, Microsoft steps ahead and offers an experience which is in their term “more discoverable, consistent and streamlined.”

  • New Forecasting Abilities: Microsoft Excel 2016 is all about discovering new in a way which beats the competition and you can do almost every analysis just by a touch of a button. In previous versions of Microsoft Excel, only one could do linear forecasting. In Microsoft Excel 2016, the FORECAST function has been extended and now one can do forecasting on the basis of exponential smoothing (i.e. FORECAST.ETS()…)

  • New and Modern Charts: Come back to your boss who is left-brain evidence seeking professional like most bosses. So what would you do to make him grin at you in wonder? Use Microsoft Excel 2016 for effective visuals. Story telling has become the main part of every analysis and presentation. Thus it is indispensable that you concentrate on new set of charts that are being provided in Microsoft Excel 2016 to cut the monotony and surprise the people in the meeting.

  • Use Power BI: With the new Power BI Desktop you would be able share your report with right people. If you prepare a stunning, visual presentation and are not able to share the same with right people why do that at the first place? Once you are done with your analysis in Microsoft Excel 2016, you would be able to share the same with your workgroup or clients through Power BI by just pressing a button. Sounds fun? There is more to it. Once you publish the analysis in Power BI, you will be able use the data models and construct powerful, interactive reports and dashboards within minutes.

  • The above may sound fun and exciting, but how would you learn the things that you need to learn in Microsoft Excel 2016. Yes, YouTube Videos are fine but they don’t teach you step by step and with proper hand-holding about how to make yourself tick in Advance Excel. We do. We prepared this Advanced Excel 2016 course with the utter responsibility to show you how you can become an expert in Advance Excel, just by following few instructions and a step-by-step curriculum. No, it wouldn’t be easy and you may not finish the whole course overnight, but if you are really eager to learn Advance Excel, this is the thing for you.

  • Just look at the Advanced Excel 2016 course description below for getting an idea about what we are offering in this comprehensive course.

Advanced Excel 2016 Course Description

Before going into the detailing of the course, let’s talk about something else. How do you learn something new? Deconstruct the whole thing and learn the parts which are most critical. In this Advanced Excel 2016 course, we offer you 9+ hours of HD Videos, 47+ lectures and every concept is deconstructed in a way that even a beginner level student/professional can understand. Moreover, you will get lifetime access to the material which means you don’t need to gallop the whole thing in a go. You can take in bits and pieces and learn at your own pace. And you are not the first one to take the course. More than 4000+ students from all over the world have already taken the course and have immensely benefited from the curriculum. Let’s see what we have covered in the course –
  • Master formula and excel functions: You would learn all sorts of formula and excel functions like logical functions, paste special, arithmetic functions, cell information functions etc.
  • Master the most used functions in professional charts and excel sheets: If you have worked in a professional arena you know that VLOOKUP, HLOOK UP, database function, offset, forecast function etc. are the most important and have most impact. We will get you covered.
  • Learn What If Analysis and array function: You will learn what if analysis using one and two dimensional data tables and also solver and goal seek. You will also learn array function, transpose and frequency.
  • Others: You will get to learn Text to Columns, functions for working with texts, pivot tables, names and dynamic range, hyperlinks, data validation etc. And in the final section you will learn New Charts in Excel 2016 such as the waterfall chart, box & whisker chart, tree map chart and sun burst chart.
  • Now you may wonder what would be the requirements to be able to learn this course! Here’s what you need to have to be able to learn the Advanced Excel 2016 course and master it eventually.

What are the pre-requisites to Advanced Excel 2016 training?

There are few things you need to have which are imperative for you to learn this Advanced Excel 2016 course.
  • Passion for learning Advance Excel: Nothing comes for free. There are no free lunches. If you want to impress your boss with your presentation or climb up the higher rung with your ability to present analysis in most pristine way, you need to want it hard enough. Your willingness to learn Advance Excel is the first and the most important pre-requisite for learning this Advanced Excel 2016.
  • Basic Knowledge of Excel: This course will talk about basics, but the major part of the Advanced Excel 2016 is based on advanced methods techniques of Excel 2016. If you have basic knowledge in Excel (which of course you have, if you used it before), then you can understand the lessor better.
  • A device with internet: The best part of this Advanced Excel 2016 course is that you can learn the course anywhere at your own pace and in the way you want. All you need to have is a computer or a laptop or a tab and you need to get connected with internet. You can take this course in break time – lunch breaks, afternoon breaks and whenever you feel you have some time.
  • An analytical mind: It is an indispensible part of learning the Advanced Excel 2016 course. You need to have a mind which is habituated in analysis. No you don’t need to be a highly intelligent individual; only thing you need to have is a curiosity and ingenuity to solve the problems.

Target Audience for this training

Microsoft Advance Excel is a training which should teach everyone. But if you talk about specificity then it is basically designed for people who are students and professionals, starting their careers. If you are an experienced professional, this training will have good impact in you as well; but you may find few things familiar as we don’t want to miss out on the basics as well.
Who else can take the training? Anyone who is eager to learn and have the willingness to put this learning into practice!
Who should not take this training? People who are expecting to become experts overnight should not take this training. This Advanced Excel 2016 course is designed to take the lesson and apply it. And to be able to learn this course effectively, you need to provide enough time to this course.

FAQs – General Questions

Is it difficult to learn Advance Excel 2016?
Yes and no. You may have two types of expectations while you take the Advanced Excel 2016 course. First expectation is you will become an expert in Advance Excel 2016 overnight. If this is your expectation, it would seem difficult to you. But there is another sort of expectation which can liberate you and that is to learn it in chunks. It’s said that the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. You can take as many step as you want as you will get lifetime access to this Advanced Excel 2016 course once you decide to take it.

Why should I learn it?
The benefits are endless. You can create advance level presentation with stunning visuals and magnificent charts. You can understand all the analysis done by your equity analysts or you can do your own analysis by using Advance Excel. You don’t need to be finance or engineering professional. You can be attached with any profession and get the benefits of learning Advance Excel.

Where can I apply what I learn in this Advanced Excel 2016 course?
Again you can apply the learning is many areas –
• Presentation
• Data Analysis
• Forecasting
• Creating visuals
• Designing charts
• Info-graphics
• Reports (Financial, Technical & Otherwise)
• Simple & Advanced Accounting
• Financial Analysis
• Financial Modelling

Career Benefits of this training
There are multiple career benefits if you learn this course.
• You don’t need to worry about creating your next report. You can use the formula and concepts of this Advanced Excel 2016 course and can apply to create excellent reports.
• Your presentation skills will improve. It is not only about the words you use, but how you use it. In this course you will learn to use visuals and how to create new charts which will enable to convey your message more powerfully than ever.
• You will be a go-to-guy in the office. You would be able to quickly do the VLOOKUP or an analysis that very few can do using FORECASTING on Exponential Smoothing.
• And if you can master this by learning and practicing, you will get promoted in a higher rung and would get the benefits of being the smart professional in your office.

Course Duration : 8.62 Hours

Course Content : 47 Training Videos.



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