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Income Certificate
Income Certificate

उत्पन्न दाखला

या दाखल्यासाठी लागणारे आवश्यक कागदपत्रे

१. रेशनकार्ड

२. चालू महिन्याचे लाईट बिल

३. लाईट बिल घरमालकाच्या नावावर असल्यास संमतीपत्र करावे लागेल.

४. लाईट बिल ज्यांच्या नावे आहे ते हयात नसल्यास मूत्यू दाखला जोडावा.

३. ओळख पत्र :- मतदान कार्ड / आधार कार्ड / पॅनकार्ड / ड्रायव्हिंग लायसन्स / पासपोर्ट यापैकी एक 

४.सरकारी नोकरदार असल्यास फॉर्म नं १६/आय.टी.रिटन्स  

५. तलाठी उत्पन्न दाखला

अप्लीकेशन कसे करावे.

१. डाउनलोड सेक्शन मध्ये जाऊन फॉर्म डाउनलोड करावा.
२. संपुर्ण फॉर्म उमेदवाराकडूनच भरून घ्यावा
३. वरील डॉक्युमेंट सह फॉर्म अपलोड करावा.

C Programming
This course is for Smart Employment Card holders @ Rs. 2,499/-

Why C Training Bundle?

C is a programming language which is considered to be much more powerful than other programming languages. It is so because it has great built in functions and features that can be used to write complex logic programs effectively. C language is the one appropriate for system software as well as business & other Softwares. Also C language helps save valuable time of the developers since it has variety of data types and powerful operators.
It is important for you to learn all about the C language bundle as it is very popular in the industry among the professional & system programmers because of the advantages it provides. Also undertake this training bundle will provide you with strong programming foundation. Before you move on to the advanced lessons there are basic lessons included which will provide you with the knowhow of how the basic elements are useful.
This C Bundle is useful for people who are new to programming and want to learn the concepts right from scratch. Also for those who want to start their career to C, then this training bundle is right for you.

A few concepts that you would learn have been listed down below:
• Introduction to C
• Data Types In C
• Program in C
• C Program writing
• Practical examples in C
• C++ Programming – Beginner & Advanced and lot more

What are the pre-requisites for the C Training Bundle?
• PC/Laptop with internet connection
• A genuine interest and passion to learn C Language
• Basic knowledge about Computer handling and operating system.
• Knowledge of Editor like Notepad, Edit plus.

Who should take up this C Training Bundle?
• For all those who wish to understand basic of computer programming
• Professional Programmer working in the industry who wants to switch career in embedded programming.
• Students in computer science courses
• Computer Programmers stands to gain knowledge from all programming languages.
• Computer System Analyst especially those who works on Embedded systems will want to communicate efficiently with designer and developer who code in the language.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Online C Language Course Training
1 Introduction to C
2 Data Types In C
3 Structure of C program
4 Program in C Part 1
5 Program in C Part 2
6 Program in C Part 3
7 IO Functions
8 IfElse Construct Part 1
9 IfElse Construct Part 2
10 Switch Case
11 While dowhile Part 1
12 While dowhile Part 2
13 For Loop
14 Break Continue
15 Working with Operators
16 Working with Operators Part 2
17 Logical Operators and Unary Operators
18 Problem solving Using Operators
19 Case Study in C programming language
20 Explaining C language and its different functions using Case studies
21 reverse of a number
22 More Examples of C Program writing
23 Writing Programs in C using case studies
24 More examples of program writing in C
25 Working with Arrays part 1
26 Working with arrays
27 One Dimensional Array
28 Working with One Dimensional Array
29 Some Examples and Problem Solving on One Dimensional Array
30 Practice Problem Solving on One Dimensional Array
31 Practice Questions on One Dimensional Array
32 Practice Questions on One Dimensional Array 2
33 Practice Questions on One Dimensional Array 3
34 Practice Questions on One Dimensional Array 4
35 Practice Questions on One Dimensional Array 5
36 Practice Questions on One Dimensional Array 6
37 Working with Pointers and Declaring
38 Manipulating Pointers
39 Practise questionsPointer arithmetics
40 Practice Questions on Pointers
41 Practise question on working with pointer 2
42 TwoDimensional Arrays and Pointers
43 Pointer Arithmetic in TwoDimensional Arrays
44 Practice Questions on TwoDimensional Arrays and Pointers
45 Additional Practice Questions on 2D Array
46 Working with Functions
47 Practice Programming on Functions
48 Call by Value Call by Reference Continued
49 Passing Arrays to Functions
50 Practice Questions on Passing Arrays to Functions
51 Practice Questions on Passing Arrays to Functions Continue
52 Returning the value from a function
53 Returning the value from a function continued
54 String functions
55 string to numeric conversion function
56 Conclusion C
Section 2: Learn C++ Programming - Beginner & Advanced
Section 3: C# - Learn C Sharp

Course Content : 159 Training Video's


For certificate candidate has to appear for online examination with additional registration fee of Rs. 1,999/-.

Skilling India Brochure
Skilling India Brochure for Smart Employment Card

Very helpful for Marketing Smart Employment Card in Education Institution or Colleges. The brochure has complete information about card features, usage, information on free career support for card holder, Additional paid support such as advance courses, certification, external exams, entrance preparation support etc.

Brochure Size : 9" x 6"
Pages : Front Back 4 Page
250 gsm Art Paper

Rate Per Brochure Rs. 16/-
Single Pack contains 50 Brochures
+ Courier Charges Rs. 100/- per pack
Smart Employment Card
Microsoft Hololens
Microsoft Hololens (Module #1) - Getting Started With Microsoft Hololens

This training is the first step in developing applications for the popular Microsoft Hololens.

This training is the first step in developing applications for the popular Microsoft Hololens. Hololens is a wearable computer by Microsoft that projects 3-dimensional holograms that can be interacted using gestures and voice commands. It is neither virtual reality nor augmented reality, but a new form called Mixed Reality – combination of Virtual and Augmented realities. Unity is also used to develop applications for Hololens.

Course Duration : 3

Course Validity : Life Time
Sales File  for Business Partners 

Use this file at your center or for marketing purpose.
Travel & Tourism Training

The Module provides highlight about the world Geography and all the arms associated with the Travel industry and defines the various terminologies used in the industry.

If you love travel, then why not make a career of it. People who work in travel and tourism have a passion for travel and a commitment to helping other travellers make the most of their holiday.
In simple terms, people in the travel and tourism industry transport people to new places, assist with accommodation and help with sightseeing and activities. The jobs include travel agents, wholesalers, tour operators, reservations consultants, hotel staff and a variety of executive positions.
So in this course we are going to learn about World Geography and various concepts used in the Travel and Tourism Industry.
What are the requirements?

– Basic idea about the world Geography
– Passion to learn continuously
– Having traveled to a destination will be an advantage.
What am I going to get from this course?

– Over 26 lectures and 3 hours of content!
– To make the participants understand the world Geography and basic concepts of the Travel industry.
– Learn about arms associated with the Travel industry and defines the various terminologies used in the industry
– Learn how Travel Industry and people associated with it work
What is the target audience?

– Students who want to make their career in Travel and Tourism industry.
– Professionals in Tourism Industry

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
1 Introduction
Section 2: Tours and Travel Agents
2 Travel Agent Types
3 Types of Tours
4 Role of IATA and UFTAA
5 Oceans Of the world
Section 3: Freedoms of Airlines
Section 4: Types of Journeys
Section 5: Reservations & Ticketing
Section 6: Interline & Codeshare

Course Content : 26 Training Video's


The course content only training module and to avail certification, the candidate has to appear for our online diploma certification exam for respective subject. The certificates are issued under "Maharashtra Technical & Self Employment Training Society" approved by Government of India, International Standard ISO Certification. The examination fees shall be additional Rs. 1,999/-

Silver Credit Pack 10
Credit Pack for 10 Silver Franchise Registration

The credit pack is available only for authorised Master Franchise to expand center network within their assigned territory.

The center shall get the Special Coupon Code applicable for number of franchise registrations from their own account.
Smart Employment Card
Visit nearest E-Seva Kendra to complete your registration process.

Register for Smart Employment Card and avail life time support for :-

  1. 500+ online technical & vocation courses at affordable cost. Basic courses are free under eLearning solution.
  2. Certification exams for the skills gained by self study, practices or work experience.
  3. Career Guidance with aptitude test.
  4. Latest Technology updates.
  5. Self Employment & Placement Assistance Job Alerts- Government, Private, Public Private Jobs on email with guidelines.
How to Register ?

Visit nearest authorised center for registration process and submit the application along with require documents

Documents Require
Passport Size Photo
Adhaar / Pan Card copy whichever is available.

कार्ड घेण्याचे फायदे 
  1. स्मार्ट कार्ड - लाईफ टाइम वैध्यता
  2. कार्ड धारकांसाठी त्यांचा सर्वांगीण विकास होऊन, त्यांना योग्य रोजगार संधी मिळाव्या म्हणुन ५०० पेक्षा जास्त ऑन-लाईन तांत्रिक तसेच व्यावसायिक कोर्सेस. फ्री बेसिक कोर्सेस ई-लर्निंग माध्यमातून.
  3. रोजगार नियुक्तीतील प्रथम प्रक्रियेची पडताळणी.
  4. ऑन- लाईन प्रोफाईल व इंटरव्हुव सपोर्ट.
  5. उमेदवारातील असलेल्या कौशल्य गुणांचे योग्य मूल्यमापन व सरकार तसेच जागतिक मान्यता प्रमाणपत्र.
  6. स्कीलिंग इंडिया प्रमाणित उमेदवारास रोजगार मर्गदर्शन व उपलब्धता सपोर्ट.

कार्डचे रजिस्ट्रेशन कसे करावे ?
उमेदवरांनी आपल्या जवळील केंद्रास भेट देऊन रजिस्ट्रेशन फॉर्म भरावा व खालील डॉक्युमेंट सबमिट करावे.

लागणारे डॉक्युमेंट
रजिस्ट्रेशन फॉर्म
आधार / PAN कार्ड कॉपी

अधिक माहिती साठी संपर्क करा @ ८८८८०२११५५
Stress Management

Skilling India brings you a course on Combating Stress at Workplace.

Stress is a “necessary evil” just. Also Corporate Sectors are always having a workplace environment which is full of stress. Individuals are found to be succumbing to such stress environment. we therefore have brought you this courses which will talk in detail about the sources of stress and how to combat the same.

What are the requirements?
– Real desire to manage and reduce your stress
– Willingness to make lifestyle changes

What am I going to get from this course?
– Over 7 lectures and 1 hour of content!
– Know what are the sources of stress.
– Learn ways to reduce the stress

What is the target audience?
– Students
– Executives
– Managers
– Entrepreneurs

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Sources of Stress
1 Sources of stress
2 Intra-personal & Inter-personal Stressors
3 Job-related & Intra-organizational Stressors
4 Stress Consequences
5 Stress Consequences Continued
6 Combating stress (individual)
7 Combating stress (organization)

Course Content : 7 Training Video's

IOS App Development
Online Training only for Smart Employment Card holders at Rs. 2,499/-

iOS App Development Training

iOS is a operating system for apple phones. It was developed by Apple Inc. and it is scattered completely for Apple hardware. This operating system has a potential to run iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple computers, and Apple TVs. The user interface of iOS is based on the conception of direct manipulation using multi touch gestures. Following are the training features,
• Interactive online video classes
• We provide live projects for students for better understanding.
• By this course you can save time and money. You can learn it from anywhere and at any time. You don’t need to travel to the institution or any classroom training
• Good Quality Voice and video clarity.
• 24*7 Technical Assistant by experts.
• We provide live projects for students for better understanding.
• Online Score cards for each course and test that you will apply for.

Do you want to know WHAT iOS App development IS?

This operating system takes input from touch screen with the help of human finger or touch stick. We can swipe, tap, and pinch the screen to manipulate objects on screen. Some devices has internal accelerometers which is used by some application to respond to shaking the device or we can rotate it in three dimensions. iOS uses Core foundation framework which provides UI toolkit rather than Appkit framework. Therefore the iOS applications are not compatible with OS X applications. XNU kernel is used in iOS it is kernel of Darwin. Some Features of Android Operating System:
Home screen feature:
The home screen is used to display application icons and a dock at the bottom of the screen where users can pin their most frequently used apps. The home screen appears whenever the user unlocks the device or presses the “Home” button (a physical button on the device) while in another app. The screen’s background can be customized with other customizations available. The screen has a status bar on the top to display data like time, battery level, and signal strength. The rest of the screen is dedicated to the current application. When a passcode is set and a user switches on the device, the passcode must be entered at the Lock Screen before we try to access to the Home Screen. Search function is available on the leftmost page of the home screen page which allows users to search through media like music, podcasts, videos, applications, contacts, messages, e-mails, reminders, calendar events, and similar files.
Folders option:
iOS has simple folder system. When applications are in “jiggle mode”, any two can be dragged on top of each to create a new folder, and more apps can be added to the folder using the same procedure. We have this option in iPhone and ipad. We can have folders which automatically selected by the category of applications inside, but the name can be edited by the user. When apps inside folders receive tokens, the numbers shown by the token is added up and it is shown on the folder.
Notification in android:
When you receive Any SMS, email, and latest news will be directly notify on the home screen. If a user clicks on a received notification, the new notification will be opened. Notifications are collected in a window which can be dragged down from the top of the screen. Notifications are now displayed in small banners that appear over the status bar
Multitasking support:
iPhone devices can run many applications on same time. It provides all Apps with the ability to perform background updates. This feature prefers to update the user’s most frequently used apps and prefers to use WiFi networks over a cellular network, without reducing the device’s battery life.
Widget support:
You can have widget on your home screen so that you can change the settings easily.
Screens capture option:
We can take screenshot of the screen.
Siri Support:
Siri is a personal associate and knowledge navigator which is used as an application on supported devices. We can give voice commands for some services and can perform many other different tasks such as make a call, open an App, Search content on web, lookup for some information, find the direction or any location. Siri supports faster answers, Wikipedia support, Bing, and twitter for voice commands given by humans.
Game Center option:
Game Center is an online multiplayer social gaming network introduced by Apple. It allows users to “invite their friends to play a game, can start a multiplayer game through matchmaking, can compare their high scores and many other features.
WHY you should do iOS App development TRAINING?
• Corporate bridge specializes in native iOS App developement training course. Our unique training programs utilize practical oriented, hands-on exercises and have a good instructor to our learner ratio to ensure best guidance in developing Apps.
• This training course teaches you all of the essential concepts and knowledge you need about iOS.
• This online course on iOS Apps Development training will teach you about the iPhone and iPad App development and how XCode and Objective-C are used to create a functional native iOS App.
• As we all know, there are many users for iPhone and they uses many iOS applications which are very much popular in current trend. We just have to make an application with the help of software development tool.
• Apple has separate application store for their users. If the application is get famous on Apple store we can earn some good amout of dollars in few months. There are many apps available in Apple store which are free to use.
• Apps designing are cost effective because it is open source and the application tool it provide to create an application. Xcode is used to write code and it is Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE).
• Xcode has some source editor, a graphical user interface editor, and many other features.
• The iOS SDK Xcode toolset has the tools, compilers, and frameworks you need specifically for iOS development. XCode is free to use on Mac system and we can download the latest version from App store.
• The course will introducing to iOS, Learning Objective-C, iOS 7 App Development Basics (XCode, UI, APIs, etc), Building Epistle, a real world application. In this course, you’ll learn how to program in Objective-C from scratch, how to use XCode and how to make iOS 7 apps for the iPhone.
• This is a comprehensive course and will take the participants from zero to making simple apps in iOS.
Goal and Objectives of iOS App development course:
• The course will increase technical trainee’s skills in iOS.
• Objective of this course is train you to build your own App.
• You will work with UI components and UI layouts.
• Learn about managing activity life cycle.
• Learn how to build a dynamic UI with fragments.
• You will work custom components.
• How to use Xcode to create and manage a project for iOS
• How can we identify the key pieces of an Xcode project
• How can you add some user interface elements to your App
• How can you build and run your App.
• After you have completed this online training course, you will have developed the necessary skills required to create your own iOS App and you can submit your app to the iTunes store for millions of other people to download and enjoy it.

Target Audience for iOS App development Training:

• Anyone who want to learn about iOS App development.
• Beginners to iOS App development.
• Students who want to build career as App developer.
• Any freelancer who wants to refer our training course and create their own App.
• As a designer if you are looking to upgrade your skill set, and you’ve decided that learning how to make native apps for Apple’s iOS platform.
• This tutorial do not required any previous iPhone / iPad App development experience.

Pre-requisites for iOS App development Training:

• A Mac computer.
• Xcode IDE
• iOS SDK tool.
• We expect some basic understanding of programming but not compulsory.
• No prior knowledge is required for this course, but it certainly helps if you have any.
iOS App developmentTraining Advantages:
• Students will get the overall knowledge App development.
• They will learn to develop Application on iOS.
• They can develop their own iOS App.
• You will learn about UI components and UI layouts in App and accordingly you can create your dynamic iOS App.
• We will teach you how to publish your own App.
• It provides you through some choreographed steps of iPhone app development, even if you have some or no programming knowledge. It envolpe some key principles and applies these directly to something useful for you and relevant to you: the creation of a simple but functioning portfolio app.


Section 1: iOS Development
Section 2: Introduction to Apple Ecosystem
Section 3: Object Oriented Programming Concepts
Section 4: Xcode and Simulator
Section 5: Sample Applications
Section 6: Ivar and Methods
Section 7: Accessor and Objects
Section 8: Data Types Primitives
Section 9: Objective Types id, NS String
Section 10: Inheritance
Section 11: If, Switch Statements, Operators and Loops
Section 12: Understanding UI and MVC Pattern
Section 13: Extensions and Protocols
Section 14: What is Key Value Coding
Section 15: View Controller and Appearance Proxies
Section 16: Getting to Know UI in Detail
Section 17: Action Sheets
Section 18: UI Scroll View and Table View
Section 19: Frameworks
Section 20: App in Details
Section 21: Understanding Controllers
Section 22: Constarints and Conflicts
Section 23: Introduction to Blocks
Section 24: Date and Time Programming
Section 25: Memory Management

Course Content : 176 Training Video's


For certificate, appear for online test by online registration at Rs. 1,999/-
Diploma in Professional Photography
Online Diploma Certification Exams only for Smart Employment Card holders at Rs. 1,999/-

The test is open for all having their skills from respective domain. To avail this test candidate have to visit nearest authorised center for online registration process. Post confirm registration, candidate gets the test login details, complete guidelines and the set of sample question set on registered email ID.

  • Syllabus: Photoshop, Interior Designing Concepts, AutoCad, Maya, Ravit
  • Number of Questions : 50 Objective
  • Exam Duration : 1 Hour

Visit nearest authorised centers to get more details about registration process and placement support.

Exam Features

The Examination shall be online and student can appear for same from anywhere and from any device including smart phone. Post examination, the candidate gets the telephonic interview call within five working day's to evaluate the communication, interpersonal and interview skills. The Interview scores are accumulated in the final certification and student gets the Marksheet with total score and the Graded Diploma Certificate issued under "Maharashtra Technical and Self Employment Training Society" an approved society by Government of India.

Assessment (Examination) Features

  • User friendly objective based questions
  • Responsive and mobile compatibility.
  • No examination schedule and can appear as per any convenient day/time.
  • Can apply for multiple examinations.
  • Available for each and ever vocational and technical courses.
  • Instant Result on screen as well on registered email address.
  • Attached with authenticate certification issued by Maharashtra Technical And Self Employment Training Society an approved society by Government of India.
Features of Certificates.

  • Issued under Maharashtra Technical & Self Employment Training Society an approved society under Government of India order No. EEM No.1/2010/PT.I-VII/7.9 Directorate General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labour and Employment, New Delhi, and Government of India.
  • ISO Certified & International Standard
  • Amplifies candidate's employment opportunities.
  • Valid under Employment Exchange registration.
  • Employment Assistance
Facts :-Who should buy this Assessment? Who is the target customer?

  • Candidate having upgraded their Vocational, technical skills by self study or self practices.
  • Candidate gained their skills by work experience.
  • Early drop outs couldn't avail the certification from their respective training institute.
  • Student pursuing or completed their vocational course and looking for multiple certifications for the skills they have.
  • Career aspirant.


What benefit student gets by availing this Certification Exam?


  • Experience of digitalised evaluation that most of the corporate has adopted as employability assessment.
  • Authenticate Certificate issued under approval of Government of India.
  • Additional certification that boost candidates profile during employability.
  • Registration under employability program and placement assistance.

8 P's Marketing

About 8 Ps of Marketing Course:

The marketing mix is a corporate device used in 8 Ps of Marketing and by dealers. The marketing mix is frequently vital when shaping a product or brand’s offer, and is mostly related with the four P’s: price, product, promotion, and place. In service marketing, yet, the four Ps are extended to the eight P’s or 8 Ps of Marketing to address the diverse nature of services.
The 8 Ps of Marketing rose from an original 4 P‘s. This gives an abundant check list or initial point for any planned marketing plan, to confirm your consumers view for your product and their buying know-how in the best likely light.
Services are fundamentally dissimilar from products and need to be marketed very differently. So the classical 4 P structure of the Marketing Mix needs to be altered aptly to incorporate the 8 Ps for services marketing.
Services can vary from financial services offered by the banks to technology services offered by the IT industries or hospitality services offered by hotels and restaurants or even a blog where an author provides a service (interesting reading etc.) to his audience.
In essential services management, refining output is necessity in cost management; but quality, as defined by the consumer, is vital for a service to distinguish itself from other sources.
It has been acknowledged that general success of a firm may be significantly impact by concentrating on not only at the top-line by refining sales but also concentrating on the bottom-line by lowering over-all cost of supplying services. In services management, often the flexible costs are a lot more than fixed costs, and so incremental costs, if accomplished appropriately can have a vast influence on output.
So for amenities, a firm may critically benefit through proper re-engineering of processes and makeover the same if required to recover output at each phase. This is a comprehensive course on 8 P’s of Marketing.Understand different concepts of marketing in easy terms and different case studies. The program starts with a detailed understanding of Marketing and its different aspects.
Gradually, it takes care of each P in details. We start with Product and understand every aspects of Product strategy. Then we move towards others Ps, that is Price, Promotion, Place, People, Process, Physical evidence and finally, we will be talking about the productivity and quality strategy.

Benefits of this 8 Ps of Marketing Course
• Learn Marketing Mix
• Learn different marketing strategy
• Be awesome in Marketing

Target Audience for 8 Ps of Marketing Course
• Marketing Professionals
• Advertising Professionals
• Sales Professionals
• Aspiring Marketing Professionals
• Students

Course Curriculum

Section 1: 8 Ps of Service Sector Marketing
1 Lecture1:Introduction to 8 Ps
Section 2: 1st P: PRODUCT
2 Lecture2:1st P: Product Introduction
3 Lecture3:Product Element
4 Lecture4:Product element from entertainment Industry
5 Lecture5:Product Element Continues
6 Lecture6:Product Element Continues
Section 3: 2nd P: PRICE
Section 4: 3rd P PLACE
Section 5: 4th P PROMOTION
Section 6: Extended Ps of Service Marketing
Section 7: 5th P PEOPLE
Section 8: 6th P PROCESS
Section 10: 8th P PRODUCTIVITY

Course Content : 75 Training Video's


The course content only training module and to avail certification, the candidate has to appear for our online diploma certification exam for respective subject. The certificates are issued under "Maharashtra Technical & Self Employment Training Society" approved by Government of India, International Standard ISO Certification. The examination fees shall be additional Rs. 1,999/-

Leaflet 3 Fold
Leaflet 3 Fold

Size A/4
Both Side Printed
90 gsm Art Paper
1 Pack Qnty : 500 Leaflet

Including Dispatch Charges.
Credit Pack 20
Credit Pack for 20 Smart Employment Card Registrations

Welcoming interested business minders to join Skilling India to promote Smart Employment Card.

The business partners and the individuals are open to purchase advance credit pack for 20 registrations and earn benefit of MRP deference. The opportunity is open for all freelance marketing executives and the educational institutes for their student.

Smart Employment Card
  • Registration MRP : Rs. 350/-
  • Total MRP : Rs. 7,000/-
  • Benefit of : Rs. 2,000/-

  • Purchase Credit Pack in the name of Customer or interested party.
  • The Customer / Party will be receiving Coupon Code valid for 10 registrations and the separate log-in credential for business registration.
Ethical Hacking

About the Certified Ethical Hacking Course:

• Skilling India, bring you an amazing course on Certified Ethical Hacking.
• In this course we will learn to enter the world of professional hacking.
• This Certified Ethical Hacking course will ensure that you are well versed with the skills needed and tools used to compromise the security of enterprise networks and information systems..
• We will ensure that you learn the security of critical information assets, it is essential to become familiar with the strategies.
Ethical hacking is somewhat a complicated term to understand. Breaching network for the purpose of keeping them safe and finding Zero-day-vulnerabilities are the prime concerns of and Ethical Hacker. Anti-Hacking is more important that just attacking. This course will take you through the basics of computer networking and Linux along with the expertise in it. This course is not recommended for extreme beginners. People having basics in programming like C or Python will find it easier to understand.
Most of the parts in the tutorials will be covered under either Linux or Debian. You won’t need a multiple computers as a victim and a target. The required basics and software requirements are stated in the tutorials which will help you create your own home lab for penetration testing. The chapters in the tutorials are somewhat related to the official CEH course from EC-Council, but here, you get absolute practical knowledge. Unlike the official CEH course, this course is intended to give you as much practical testing as possible.
Most of the softwares used are totally open source and free. This provides an upper-hand in repository management for Linux distributions. The course will start with the basics of windows hacking and will end up with the extremes in networking vulnerabilities and linux programming. All the tutorials are for educational purpose only.
Target Customers for Ethical Hacking Course:
• Students
• Professionals
• Anyone who wants to learn how to secure themselves from Cyber Crime.
Pre-Requisites for Ethical Hacking Course:
• Basic Computer Knowledge
• Passion to learn
• Basic Networking(CCNA recommended)
• Basics of Linux or UNIX
Course Objective of Ethical Hacking Course:
• To Secure your network and test the security of your surrounding area.
• To learn to become a Certified Hacker and gather a good understanding of networking, social engineering and Hardware hacking.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
1 Prerequisites & Downloadables
2 What is Ethical Hacking
3 Types of Attacks
4 Ethical Hacking Commandments
5 Basic Necessary Tools
Section 2: FootPrinting and Reconnaissance
Section 3: Scanning
Section 4: Enumerating Targets
Section 5: Other Operating Systems
Section 6: Android Hacking
Section 7: Wireless hacking
Section 8: Digital Forensics
Section 9: Hacking Computers
Section 10: Cracking Windows
Section 11: Web Attacks

Course Content : 100 Training Video's



The course content only training module and to avail certification, the candidate has to appear for our online diploma certification exam for respective subject. The certificates are issued under "Maharashtra Technical & Self Employment Training Society" approved by Government of India and International Standard ISO Certification. The examination fees shall be additional Rs. 1,999/-

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B. Sc. (Computer Science)
B. Sc. (Computer Science)
Computer Network & Internet Security

Computer Network & Internet Security Training:

This course is for understanding the basics of Computer Network, Computer Software and Computer viruses. we are going to learn the nuts and bolts of this topic to understand each of the concept related to it. So lets see what are the general concepts included in this topic.

Computer Network:
A computer network or data network is a telecommunications network which allows computers to exchange data.

In computer networks, networked computing devices pass data to each other along data connections (network links). Data is transferred in the form of packets.

The connections between nodes are established using either cable media or wireless media. The best-known computer network is the Internet.

Network computer devices that originate, route and terminate the data are called network nodes. Nodes can include hosts such as personal computers, phones, servers as well as networking hardware.

Two such devices are said to be networked together when one device is able to exchange information with the other device, whether or not they have a direct connection to each other.

Computer Software:
Computer software (often called just software) is made of one or more computer programs. Sometimes it means one specific program, or it can mean all the software on a computer, including the applications and the operating system. Applications are programs that do a specific thing, such as a game or a word processor.

The operating system (Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc.) is software that helps the applications run, and controls the display and the keyboard.

The word software was first used in the late 1960s to show the difference from computer hardware, which are the parts of a machine that can be seen and touched. Software is the instructions that the computer follows.

Before compact discs (CDs) or Internet downloads, software came on “soft media” like paper punch cards, magnetic discs or magnetic tape.

Computer Virus:
A computer virus is a malware program that, when executed, replicates by inserting copies of itself (possibly modified) into other computer programs, data files, or the boot sector of the hard drive; when this replication succeeds, the affected areas are then said to be “infected”.

Viruses often perform some type of harmful activity on infected hosts, such as stealing hard disk space or CPU time, accessing private information, corrupting data, displaying political or humorous messages on the user’s screen, spamming their contacts, or logging their keystrokes.

However, not all viruses carry a destructive payload or attempt to hide themselves—the defining characteristic of viruses is that they are self-replicating computer programs which install themselves without the user’s consent.

Virus writers use social engineering and exploit detailed knowledge of security vulnerabilities to gain access to their hosts’ computing resources.

The vast majority of viruses target systems running Microsoft Windows, employing a variety of mechanisms to infect new hosts,[8] and often using complex anti-detection/stealth strategies to evade antivirus software.

Motives for creating viruses can include seeking profit, desire to send a political message, personal amusement, to demonstrate that a vulnerability exists in software, for sabotage and denial of service, or simply because they wish to explore artificial life and evolutionary algorithms.

What are the requirements Computer Network & Internet Security?

Basic Idea of a Computer system
A Computer with internet
What am I going to get from Computer Network & Internet Security?

Over 4+ hours of content!

Learn about Computer Networks
Learn about Computer Software
Learn about Computer Viruses
Computer Network & Internet Security target audience?

Students especially who want to build their career in Computer Technology

Anybody and everybody who want to learn computer network, software, viruses

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Computer Network And Internet
1 What is a Network?
2 Important Aspects of Networking
3 Types of Computer Network
4 Advantages of Networking
Section 2: Network Devices
5 Network Devices Overview
6 Network Devices in details
7 wireless Technology
8 application of wireless Technology
9 Internet
10 internet applications_Part 01
11 internet applications_Part 02
12 FTP, Search engine part 1
13 FTP, Search engine part 2
14 Retrieving documents from the web
15 Advancement in web Technologies part 1
16 Advancement in web Technologies part 2
17 Malware
18 types of malware and , How malware spreads in system Part-1
19 types of malware and , How malware spreads in system Part-2
20 symptoms of malware, how to protect computer, , Antimalware programs

Course Content : 20 Training Video's



The course content only training module and to avail certification, the candidate has to appear for our online diploma certification exam for respective subject. The certificates are issued under "Maharashtra Technical & Self Employment Training Society" approved by Government of India, International Standard ISO Certification. The examination fees shall be additional Rs. 1,999/-

Adobe Flash CS6

The course is designed only for Smart Employment Card Holders

Comprehensive Adobe Flash Training:

• Adobe Flash Professional is a multimedia authoring program which is used to create content for the Adobe Engagement Platform, such as web applications, games and movies, and content for mobile phones and other embedded devices.
• This comprehensive Adobe flash program is for you to learn about Flash and its application right from scratch. The training will enable you to understand how to create some stunning work using Flash tools effectively.
• It is important to learn about Adobe flash since it is one of the chief development tools for creating animated and interactive content for the web.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Online Adobe Flash CS6 Essential Training

1 Introduction
2 Flash History Usage
3 Work Space
4 Stage – Panels
5 Simple Animation
6 Creating Simple Drawings
7 Including More Features in Creating Simple Drawings
8 Tools in Creating Simple Drawings
9 Brush Tools and Pencil Tools
10 Alignment in Creating Simple Drawings
11 Animate Your Art Frame by Frame
12 Animate Your Art – Tweens, Motion Tween
13 Animate Your Art – Shape Tween
14 Animate Your Art – Tweens
15 Working with Frames
16 Working with Frames Continues
17 Working with Layers
18 Working with Layers Continues
19 Advance Drawing & Coloring Part 1
20 Advance Drawing & Coloring Part 2
21 The 3rd Dimension
22 Stacking – Drawing Part 1
23 Stacking – Drawing Part 2
24 Advance Colors and Fills
25 Define Color you Want
26 Colors and Contrasts
27 More on Colors and Fills
28 Texts
29 Texts in 3D
30 Text Classic TLF
31 Text Classic TLF More Features
32 Symbols & Templates
33 Movie Clips
34 More on Movie Clips and Other Symbols
35 Organizing Symbol Library
36 Motion Presets – Default Presets and Custom Presets
37 Example – Bouncing ball moving forward
38 Motion Editors
39 Motion Editor – Transformation and Color Effects
40 Realistic Animations with IK Bones
41 Working on Human Body and Snake bones
42 Incorporating Non Flash Media Files
43 Importing Illustrators and Photoshop Files in Flash
44 Editing images using Flash
45 Incorporating Sound Part 1
46 Incorporating Sound Part 2
47 Incorporating Video Part 1
48 Incorporating Video Part 2
49 Incorporating Video Part 3
50 Introduction Action Script3.0 Part 1
51 Introduction Action Script3.0 Part 2
52 Organizing Your Animations Part 1
53 Organizing Your Animations Part 2
54 Components for Interactivity Part 1
55 Components for Interactivity Part 2
56 E1-Creating Gallery Part 1
57 E1-Creating Gallery Part 2
58 E2-Creating Website Part 1
59 E2-Creating Website Part 2
60 E3-Creating Character Animation
61 Testing Part 1
62 Testing Part 2
63 Publishing Part 1
64 Publishing Part 2
65 Publishing Part 3
66 Publishing Part 4
67 AdobeAir-End

Section 2: Adobe Flash - Create Awesome Ad Banners Using Flash

What each section covers Comprehensive Adobe Flash Training?

• This course aims to help you learn Designs and animations can be created to deliver high-impact content beyond all browsers and platforms, providing users with an impressive web experience.
• This will help you create animations, games and presentations that can be viewed on any computer and countless mobile devices. Also, you’ll learn how to work in Flash from the basic creation of a project to adding layers, working with the timeline, adjusting colors, importing graphics, introducing interactivity and more.
• After completion the course, a participant can fluently work on adobe flash that means you can create professional animations, design interactive websites etc.

What is the Course Objevtive Adobe Flash Training?

• This course is for those who wish to kick start their career in the Animation.
• At the end of this training you would be proficient in using Flash and take your creative skills to another level and learn from the practical examples that have been taught with the examples.

Target Audience for Adobe Flash Training:

• Web developers who are looking to add Flash content to their web projects.
• Flash developers who are interested to learn adobe flash professional CS6.
• New developers who are interested to learn adobe Flash.
• Multimedia producers or developers who are interested in how Flash can be used to share their audio and video projects across the web.
• All programmers who want to build web application by using flash.
• Students who want to learn Flash from scratch

Pre-requisites for Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Training:

• Basic knowledge of Computers
• Knowledge of basic flash concepts
• A Computer with Internet

Course Duration : 17 Hours

Course Content : 93 Training Video's


The course content only training module and to avail certification, the candidate has to appear for our online diploma certification exam for respective subject. The certificates are issued under "Maharashtra Technical & Self Employment Training Society" approved by Government of India, International Standard ISO Certification. The examination fees shall be additional Rs. 1,999/-

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